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Badass Angels: Gefiederte Kreaturen

Editor: Emma N.

Title of short story: Der Anwalt des Todesengels
Genre: Fantasy x Crime Noir crossover
Pages: 218
Language(s): German
Publisher: Selfpublishing via KDP
Release date: 10 November 2020
ISBN: 9783200069367
Price: 4,49€ (eBook), 11,03€ (Softcover)

Translated from German original

Badass Angels. They get bored, make bets, get caught in time loops. Some enjoy a fight, take revenge or travel through time on the hunt for Jack the Ripper. Some use humans as hosts. They search for their boss and are afraid of losing their jobs to rationalisation. On top of that, they drink and smoke. And then there is the hangover…

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Content notice:


The following content warnings apply to the short story “Der Anwalt des Todesengels”.

  • Blood (graphic)
  • Murder (graphic) [/spoiler]

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