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Editor: Jill Dolisy

Title of short story: Tai Jie – Drachenwächterin
Genre: High Fantasy
Pages: 350
Language(s): German
Publisher: Federtraum Verlag
Release date: 18.10.2021
ISBN: 978-3948253134
Price: 3,99€ (eBook), 13,50€ (Softcover)


Translated from the German original

The wind whispers through the forest. Tracks, as light as a feather and made by the haste of a gigantic creature, shimmer in the moonlight. Smoke drifts across the sky in the distance.
Can you see it? Feel the beat of a brave heart vibrate in your veins?
Over there!
Silently, the mighty silhouette glides through the clear night sky. His call is animalistic, the beat of the giant wings tells of wisdom. A voice, ground almost to dust by life’s years, penetrates your mind.
I will tell you stories. Five tales, full of adventure, born from the mythologies of India, Japan, China and the Philippines.
Do you dare go on this journey with me?


Content notice:


This content warning applies to the short story “Tai Jie – Drachenwächterin”.

  • Blood
  • Death (on and off-page, graphic)
  • Violence (Swords and Fantasy)

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