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The Devil You Know – A Fantasy Noir Short Story

Title of short story: The Devil You Know
Genre: Fantasy x Crime Noir crossover
Pages: 14
Language(s): English
Publisher: Selfpublishing via KDP
Release date: 31 March 2022
Price: 0,99€


Azrael Jenkins is a fallen Angel of Death. As such, she has to endure the dying pain of every human on Earth as if it were her own. Azrael thought she had made her peace with her past. But when one of her students is found murdered behind the gym she works at, she is certain: Her past hasn’t made its peace with her. Somebody is sending her a message. And Azrael must find out who – and why.

This short story was first published in German in the anthology “Badass Angels: Gefiederte Kreaturen“.

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Content notice:


The following content notices apply to the short story “The Devil You Know”:

  • Blood (on-page, graphic)
  • Murder (on-page, graphic) [/spoiler]

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