Blood and Darkness

Author: Sophie Grossalber

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
Pages: 228 (DE)
Language(s): German, English
Publisher: Selfpublishing
Release date: 16 September 2022 (eBook)
ISBN (EN): 9783754663004 (eBook)
ISBN (DE): 9783754660324 (eBook), 9783756887590 (Print)
Price: 2,99€ (eBook), 10,99€ (Print)

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Enemies by tradition. Allies out of necessity.

Xi Lei gets the biggest opportunity in her hunting career: To search for the vampire responsible for the deaths of a whole village in the Himalayas. Her case leads her to New Orleans, where vampire king Damien Moreau is feverishly looking for a way to terminate a decades old deal with the local Hunter Coordinator. Conveniently, Lei wants information from him.

They agree to a risky bargain, which will take them beyond the borders of New Orleans into a web of intrigues and corruption. But can they truly trust each other?



Two characters in this book are non-binary and use singular “they/them” as pronouns.

The following content notes apply to “Blood and Darkness”:

  • Blood (partially graphic, on-page)
  • Violence, fantasy (graphic, on-page)
  • Violence, swords (graphic, on-page)
  • Domestic violence (off-page)
  • Consensual sex (partially graphic, on-page)