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I offer services in translation, copy editing and proofreading. Prices are in Euros and calculated by standardised page*. I mainly work on long and short prose in fiction.

[*Standardised page with 1500 characters, incl. spaces, 30 lines with up to 60 characters each (max. 250 words per page)]

For more detailed information on the different services, please see the sections below.

Please note: Please include in your e-mail the genre, length, language(s) and possible deadlines of the work you want me to look at.

Since I am also a student and a human being, turn-around time of a translation or a copy edit depends on the time I have at hand. I will inform you in advance of any issues – if possible. For particularly tight deadlines (i.e. you need the edited or translated work back in under a month (with longer works) or under a week (with shorter works)), I reserve to charge an additional 10 – 20€.

Payment also possible in instalments for selfpublishers and indie publishers. Just ask, I’m sure, we can work something out.

I mostly work in SFF (Science Fiction, Fantasy), but have also translated and edited Thrillers, Horror and Romance.

For enquiries regarding a service, please e-mail me at info@sophiegrossalber.com.


Long or short prose translation, i.e. short story, novel, novella…


German -> English

English -> German

Price: 13 € per standardised page*


Edits for machine translated long or short prose and other texts, focusing on vocabulary, punctuation and natural flow.


German -> English

English -> German

Price: 5 € per standardised page*

Copy editing

Copy edits focusing on style, grammar, syntax, consistency in plot, fact-checking and punctuation while looking at the text sentence by sentence.




Price: 2 – 2,50 € per standardised page*


Proofreading is the last stage of edits before your manuscript goes to print. I will look at punctuation, spelling, grammar and check that the style is consistent throughout and no errors have snuck in during layouting.




Price: 1,50 – 2 € per standardised page*

You’re not sure whether we would be a good fit? I also offer introductory translations and edits of up to 5 pages for free. This way I can get a first look at the text and what awaits me and you will get a look at how I work. If you’re interested in an introductory translation or edit, please e-mail me at info@sophiegrossalber.com.


Language qualifications and references:
According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

German – C2 (native)
English – C1 (CAE), 4 years in Scotland during BA studies (incl. one trimester abroad in Canada)

Other qualifications:

Matura – Austrian High School diploma (focus on languages with English (8 years), Spanish (6 years), Latin (4 years), French (2 years))
Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English – C1
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English and Film in Edinburgh – 4 years, graduated with Second Class, First Division
Master of Arts in Specialized Translation and Language Industry, German, English – ongoing

Previous clients include:

Tapster Media

  • various stories for their Apps Loverys, Livory and Lively Story – Post-Editing MT (EN)

Romberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH

  • various technical concepts – proofreading (DE)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich

  • exhibition catalogue for “e.motion” hybrid exhibition – proofreading (DE, EN)
  • exhibition catalogue for graduate exhibition “connect” – proofreading (DE, EN)

P.C. Short

  • in between: Blood Bond – Post-Editing MT (EN)
  • in between: Die Rache der Weißen Wölfin – copy-editing (DE)

Lunar R. Wingz/Marco Rheindorf

Alina Schüttler

  • Reyna: Lost World – translation (DE -> EN)