Blood and Guilt - Stories from Dumornay

Author: Sophie Grossalber

Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
Pages: 108 (EN), 116 (DE)
Language(s): German, English
Publisher: Selfpublishing via Books on Demand
Release date: 04 September 2019
ISBN (EN): 9783748141556
ISBN (DE): 9783748140726
Price: 2,49€ (eBook), 5,99€ (Paperback)

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»We all have the potential to turn into monsters.«

Vampires. Werewolves. Hunters. Three stories, three choices.

In New Orleans, vampire king Damien Moreau is torn between his position of power and his conscience.

Connor O’Rileigh wakes up in the Scottish Highlands after a full moon – in the middle of the murder spree of a bloodthirsty beast.

In the icy foothills of the Himalayas, huntress Xi Lei has to question her deepest beliefs and judge supposed innocents to protect the world.



The following content warnings apply to the short stories found in “Blood and Guilt”:

The Devil of New Orleans:

  • Blood (mentioned)
  • Drug use (mentioned)
  • Sex (mentioned)
  • Slavery (historical, mentioned)
  • Torture (mentioned)

Sullivan’s Law:

  • Blood (graphic)
  • Hounding
  • Murder (graphic)
  • Violence (Fantasy, graphic)
  • Violence with weapons (rifles, graphic)

Bloody Traces in the Snow:

  • Blood (graphic)
  • Death (graphic)
  • Violence (Fantasy, graphic)
  • Violence with weapons (sword, graphic)