The A-Files: Die Amazonen Akten

Editor: Sascha Eichelberg

Title of short story: Anaia Montgomery und der Sirenen-Stalker
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 516
Language(s): German
Publisher: Talawah Verlag
Release date: 20 July 2019
ISBN: 9783947550319
Price: 4,99€ (eBook), 15,90€ (Softcover)

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Translated from German original

Amazons. They are proud, they are strong, they are fearless. Legends are told of their courage and their battles, their victories and their defeats. But where do they actually come from? Where do they want to go? And where do they go on holiday?

We have had to wait for the answers for a long time, now they are finally here: The Amazon Files reveal in 32 stories previously unknown truths about the most belligerent creatures of mythology. Here you will find everything: Robots, raiders and spaceships. Adventures and monsters. Spells and anger. Magic and fairy tales.


Winner of the Skoutz Award 2020 for “Best German Anthology”


The following content warnings apply to the short story “Anaia Montgomery und der Sirenen-Stalker”:

  • Death
  • Kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Threats of murder
  • Violence (Guns)
  • Violence (Sword, threatened)