The P-Files: Die Phönix Akten

Editor: Sascha Eichelberg

Title of short story: Phönixflamme
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 520
Language(s): German
Publisher: Talawah Verlag
Release date: 26 May 2018
ISBN: 9783947550081
Price: 4,99€ (eBook), 14,90€ (Softcover)

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Translated from the German original

Why live only one life when it could be thousand? That is the guiding principle of the phoenix, who is reborn from the ashes and immortal. In 31 short stories around the most fiery bird of the world, you will find everything: truth and madness, evolution and revolution, adventure and monsters, spells and anger, hope and despair, magic and fairy tales. The Phoenix Files reveal how phoenixes die and are reborn, how humans and birds live, how they experiences fun and gruesome things.

Nominated for “Best German Anthology” for the Deutscher Phantastik Preis (DPP, German Fantasy Award) in 2019


The following content warnings apply to the short story “Phönixflamme”:

  • Blood
  • Death
  • Torture
  • Violence (Guns)